Clark International Airport New Terminal Almost 100% Completed, Operational in January 2021

I've been traveling abroad and locally from Clark International Airport though I'm living in Metro Manila because of the following reasons:

1. Fare is cheaper than in Manila
2. The boarding process doesn't take too much time.
3. The flight is mostly on time
4. Traveling time is just 1.5 hours via Point to Point Buses (P2P).  Fare is around Php 380/ USD 7.66
P2P Bus from Manila to Clark Airport
Domestic and International travelers are house in one terminal but in April 2018,  they began constructing the New Clark International Airport Terminal and it is now 99.14% completed.  It will be operational by January 2021 and can accommodate 12.2 million passengers in a year from the current 4.2 million passengers.  It will also help to decongest NAIA Airport. 


Here are some airlines operating in the Clark International Airport.
1. AirAsia Philippines
2. Asiana Airlines
3. Cebu Pacific
4. Dragon Air
5. Jin Air
6. Tiger Air
7. Qatar Airways

You can see the new passenger terminal upon take-off. This video was taken last year.

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