Taste Buds: Fluffy Pancake by Puffy's Souffle Pancake Cafe

If you have been to Japan, souffle pancake is one of the famous desserts in the land of rising sun.  But know you can able to have a taste of it in Metro Manila.  Puffy's Souffle Pancake Cafe has just recently opened  at SM North The Block near its Cinema.  Puffy's offers four distinct flavors to choose from and it costs only 140 pesos.  Flavors are the following:

1. Chocolate
2. Creme Brulee
3. Milk Tea 
4. Original

So what makes souffle pancake different from other pancakes. Souffle pancakes are all made from white part of egg.  Egg whites are beaten to make merengue and mixed with batter.  Pancake is extra fluffy because of air bubbles hold it shape.  What are you waiting for try it now

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