Loading Beep Card , One Text Away

You read it right.  There is another method to load your beep card and it is by texting AND tapping to Store Value Updater.   It is now like subscribing to your favorite promo.  However, it is only applicable to Globe and TM subscribers only.  You can load as low as PHP 10 and as much as PHP 500. 


1. Text BEEP to 2346.  Note that there is a convenience fee of PHP 5.  If the load is not enough, it will not be processed.  For example, if you are going to load the 20  pesos, you should have at least 25 pesos in your load to proceed.   You will immediately get a message of the credited load.
2.  Note that it will not immediately update your Beep Card. You must tap the card on Store Value Updater.  Please find the list of SVU location. Click the link for updated lists.
3.  If there is any issue, you can call 892-9999 Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM to assist you.

It is just few steps to escape the long queue of the ticket coutner in the station.  Happy Using the Beep Card.

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