Travel Guide: Japan Visa Requirements for Tourists

Japan is one of the countries on my bucket list, and I think most Filipino travelers do.  Unlike our neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Japan requires Filipinos to have an approved visa before entering the Land of the Morning Sun.  Though a Visa is required, I find it easier to get a Japanese Visa than a Korean Visa*.
Osaka Castle. Photo by apfaurillo

On this blog, you'll learn the requirements for applying for Japan Visa as an Employed applicant.
Here are the following requirements I've submitted during my application.

1.  Passport.  Ensure that you signed your passport and not yet expiring.
2. Application Form.  The form is 2-page. Put N/A for items not applicable. Don't leave any blank.   Attach your photo (4.5x3.5cm). Most photo shops know the size of the photo for Japan Visa.
3.  Birth Certificate.  Your birth certificate should be issued by PSA within 1 year.  I requested my birth certificate online. PSA Serbilis is always my go-to. It will cost you PHP 330.
4.  Marriage Certificate.  If you are married, you also need to get this certificate on top of the birth certificate.  For the price, please check the PSA Serbilis.
5.  Itinerary in Japan. 1-page form that will show the summary of your daily activities in Japan. See the sample picture. 

6.  Bank Certificate.  The certificate should contain ADB (Average Daily Balance), and the date of account opening.
7.  Income Tax Return (ITR).  ITR Form 2316 should have your signature and be signed by your HR.  This is a withheld so no need to have a stamp.

I only submitted six requirements, I didn't submit a marriage certificate since I am single.  If you already have an existing used visa, you don't need to submit a birth certificate. 

Those are the 7 simple requirements you need to submit if you are employed.  I hope I can give you some insights. 

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