2020 Japan Autumn: Forecast & Where To See Autumn Foliage

Autumn season or also known as fall marks the transition from summer to winter.  The weather is getting colder and day becomes shorter.  In Norther Hemisphere, it begins in September.  While in Southern Hemisphere, it begins in March. This season is also famous to travelers because the leaves turn to yellow, brown,red, and orange that make the trees colorful and vibrant.

In East Asia, though Japan is famous for its Cherry Blossom it is also a go to if you want to witness the beauty of autumn foliage. The change in color is related to the temperature of the area.  If the temperature is low, the color begins to change early.  If the temperature is still high, the foliage may come late. The norther part of Japan usually experience the first full foliage during autumn season. Peak change in leaves color started at Mid October and very prominent at Hokkaido region until December at southern part of Japan.

Below are the forecast peak of foliage in Japan in reference to JR Rail Pass blog for better visualization.

As you can see in the map, that northern part of Japan has the firsthand experience of full foliage.

Where to See Autumn Foliage

Daisetsuzan National Park

Photo Credit: dreamstime.com
It is the largest national park at Hokkaido and in Japan.  Enjoy the warm colors as you ride the rope way to Sugatami Highland Plateau.

How to get here:
From Sapporo Station ride the JR limited express train (Ltd Exp. Lilac) to Asahikawa. Then take the  bus going to Asahidake Ropeway
Gingko Avenue at Hokkaido University
Photo Credit: good-hokkaido.info

Visit the Hokkaido University and be welcome be gingko biloba trees trail. 

How to get here:
From Sapparo Station, exit at the west ticket gate and get out of the station at north gate. Walk for 7 minutes towards to your right.

From Sapparo Station, you can also ride the Namboku Subway Line towards Asabu, and get off at Kita 12-jo.  Follow the signs going to the university.
Hirosaki Park 
© Aomori prefecture

© Aomori prefecture

Located at Aomori Perfecture, Hirosoki Park is famous for its cherry blossoms as it's a home for more than 2000 trees.  But it is also a great place to experiece the autumn foliage. They have yearly Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum And Autumn Festival that occurs between late October and Early November at Hirosaki Botanical Garden.

How to Get Here
From Tokyo Station, ride Tohoku Shinkansen to Shin Amori Station (3-hour ride).  Then transfer to Tsugaru Limited Express to Hirosaki Station (30-minute ride).

Mount Nasu

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Mount Nasu is a group of complex vocanoes in Kanto Region. It has five major peaks,Sanbonyari,Chausu, Asahi, Minamigatsusan, and Kuro-oya. The Chausu is the famous one.  You can reach the summit in just an hour of trekking after getting off at the ropeway/gondola.  The ride will give you a stunning view of autumn foliage as you go up.

How to Get Here 

From Tokyo, ride Tohoku Shinkansen to Nasushiobara Station. Exit towards your northwest,and take the bus going to Nasu Ropeway.

Also if you want to take a tour package for hassle-free journey, Klook will give you a tour to Mount Namsu, hassle-free. Nasu Autumn Leaves Sightseeing Day Trip from Tokyo with Lunch Buffet and Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination

Tokyo has many parks that will give you good view of its autumn. Full colors usually appears in mid November. Enumerated some parks.

Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park
(c) Sugi /Flickr
Nearest MRT Station: Harajuku Station

Ueno Park
Tokyo (Ueno park)
(c) Hugo Cordier/Flickr
Nearest MRT Station: Ueno Station,  Uguisudani Station

Showa Memorial Park 

Maple - Showa Memorial Park
(c) Ono Takayuki /Flickr
Nearest Station: Nishi-Tachikawa Station   

Osaka Castle Park
(c) Wattention Co. ltd

Nearest Station: Osaka Station, Morinomiya Station.

(c) Wikipedia
Nearest Station: Shinsaibashi Station

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