Why I Bought GOMO 5G Sim Card?

I've been using GOMO for more than a month already.  I bought the sim card on GOMO official website that costed me 199 pesos only.  Included in the sim card was 25 gigabytes of data.  The main reason why I bought GOMO is the data has no expiration date.  I am only using data when I go out since most of the communication with my family is thru social media nowadays, and we have wifi at home. Unlike before, I needed to subscribe to a data plan which expired after 3 days and  I only used it for 1 day, 5 hours to be specific.  Keeping your mobile data open without subscribing to any plan is a "NO NO" because it will consume your load.  One thing I love about GOMO is you can convert the data to a text or call which I use seldomly.  Nevertheless, I also subscribed to those offers in case I need them in the future. The following conversions I did were:

  • 0.5GB to 5mins & 50 texts to all networks
  • 0.4GB to 6mins to all networks
Those conversions are still active, and also have no expiration date which is very good.  As of this date, I only used 4.76GB including those converted data.
Bought another 30GB as it was on sale

Another thing I love about GOMO is it has an application you can download in google play or apple store to monitor your consumption and previous transactions.  This is where you can also shop your additional data or convert your data to text or call.

In terms of speed, I always get 5 Mbps in our house, but I barely use it as we have wifi. Nevertheless, GOMO was my saving grace when I could not connect to our wifi when I needed to attend a call via Skype.  It was clear and screen sharing was also good. 

Final Thought

GOMO is very economical if you are not a heavy data user.  25 GB will last for more than a month as it has no expiration, no monthly due.  It has a mobile application where you can monitor the transaction you performed, and shop to buy additional data or convert your data to text and call.

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