Taste Buds: Buldak at Kko Kko: Home of Seoul Chicken

One of the dishes I miss in South Korea is Buldak.  Buldak which means Fire (Bul) Chicken (dak) is barbecued chicken covered with spicy sauce and often with melted cheese to add flavor and texture.  It is good with beer.
In order to solve my craving, we went to *Kko Kko Home of Seoul Chicken the moment I found out that it's serving buldak. We visited the nearest one which is in U.P. Town mall. Excited to reminisce the Korean days, we ordered the Mayak Buldak and half platter of chicken wings.  Unfortunately, no beer as they're still renewing their permit for liquor service.

The buldak was spicy enough and not super spicy (samyang challenge level) like we had in Myeongdong which I thought was OK because Filipinos really don't like spicy food.  It was tolerable.
The half platters came with 10 pieces of chicken wings and fries.  There are five flavors you can choose from, soy ginger, garlic parmesan, labuyo ssamssam, honey glaze, and red devil.  We chose all five flavors.
The chicken meat was tender and juicy which was really good with beer๐Ÿ˜›. The buldak and half platted costed us PHP 588 & 498,respectively. Overall, I was very satisfied on what we ate.
Craving Solved

*Restaurant of Grace Lee, Korean TV Host and DJ in the Philippines.

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