Gooeyness to Goodness Cookies by Mallo

Enjoy these home-made cookies by Mallo.  They are gooey with overload chunks of white and black chocolates, and real fruits and nuts. Perfect partners to your coffee or milk.

Flavors to choose from:
1. Delight - sweet and salty dough with candy-coated milk tea
2. Temptation - gooey cookies with lots of dark chocolates chunks and chips
3. Seduction - chocolate on chocolate on chocolate
4. Black and White - temptation cookies pumped up with white chocolate
5. Obsession - triple chocolate goodness (milk, dark, and white chocolate)
6. Overload - checky cookies with dark chocolate, cranberries, cashew

7. White Overload - overload cookies with white chocolate chunks.

Delivery Method: Lalamove, Grab, Angkas (shouldered by buyer)
Location: Muntinlupa City

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