Taste Buds: Falling in Love at Romantic Baboy at Robinsons Metro East

After a very hectic week, I finally got time to go out to buy gifts for my godchildren.  So I went to Robinsons Metro East in Pasig as Toys R  Us was on sale at this branch.  It was almost lunch when we arrived so we decided to have lunch first as we would be spending more time finding toys.  Looking around for a place to eat, we saw Romantic Baboy which had only 2 customers at that time.   We decided to have lunch there as it would be my first time to eat at Romantic Baboy.  We asked the staff for a table.  While the team was preparing the table, the staff scanned our Pasig Pass, took our temperature, and alcoholized our hands, ensuring that we didn't have any covid symptoms.  After  5 minutes of waiting, the waiter led us to our table with ample banchan, and additional cheese which we requested beforehand. 
Once we settled in, with proper social distancing, the waiter asked for the meats we wanted to have first.  The restaurant was only allowing three types of meat at a time.  I think this is a good move and cost-saving effort for the Romantic Baboy as some customers have preferences e.g. some don't like spicy ones.  The area was spacious and well-ventilated.  The songs being played were all KPOP e.g BTS, EXO songs which added to the Korean feels in the area while you enjoying the grilling sound of the meat.  

The meats were all juicy and tender.  One of the best samgyupsal meats I have tasted.  They were all fresh.   One thing I noticed was the proactiveness of the staff in refilling the banchan, lettuce, and meat.  They eagerly asked if we need to have a new set of meat every time they saw empty plates.  I enjoyed our dining and everything was flawless.  Definitely, I will return again to eat in any Romantic Baboy.

Below are some important details

1st Floor of Robinsons Metro East, beside Sta. Lucia East Mall. 

> unlimited pork and beef, 8 kinds of meat
> unlimited banchan
> fresh, juicy, and tender meat
> no time limit.  Some samyupsal restaurants have time-limit now.

> well-ventilated
> KPOP feels

> proactive in refilling food
> practice basic health standard protocol
> courteous

Value for Money
> PHP 499, you get what you see

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