Best Kept Secret of the South, the Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by the Fet Boys

If you have ever wanted to know what it feels like to be hugged by a cookie, then you need to try the Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie created and baked by the Fet Boys. If you've never heard of them, it's because their cookies are so good, people don't want to share for fear of it being sold out which is almost always is.

The Fet Boys are twin brothers Karl and Kirk though Kirk is the one who bakes all the time. The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie is his creation and this comes in GIANT and regular size. When I say it's a GIANT cookie, I mean it.
The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie is made of chocolate chip goodness, walnuts, and chunky chewy cookie all rolled into one. People who don't like too much sweetness will enjoy this because it's not too sweet either. The sweetness is just right that even diabetics can eat a piece of this.
People in Singapore love this and they are not fans of sweet so if they love the Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by the Fet Boys, you know that the sweetness level is just right. 

If you would like to experience being hugged by a warm cookie, message the Fet Boys on their Facebook Page. If you're not ready to take in the giant version, order the regular version. Make sure you order at least a dozen because everyone who ordered only 6 pieces ordered another dozen after just one bite.

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