No More Korean Visa Label. Visa Grant Notice Starting July 1, 2020

We all dream to have a visa in our passport and it is such an amazing view to see.  I remembered the first time I got my visa.  It was a Korean Visa and the feeling was overwhelming. Unfortunately, some of the countries are not issuing visa label anymore to limit the contact due to the current pandemic and one of them is South Korea.

Starting July 1, 2020, The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines will no longer issue visa labels, and the ROK immigration system will not require it to be affixed to a page in the applicant's passport. Instead, Visa Grant Notice will be provided and must be printed out.  This will be presented to the immigration officer in South Korea, together with your passport for validation.

Visa Grant Notice contains the applicant's personal details including name, date of birth, and passport number, as well as visa details including visa issuance number, the status of stay, number of allowed entries, date of issue, the validity of visa, and issuing authority. These are some of the information you can also see in the visa label.  On the official website at www.visa.go.kr, you can download and print out the document anytime by entering your passport number, birth date, and name.

How to Download Your Visa Grant Notice
2.  Click "Check Application Status & Print" Menu
 3.  Fill out passport no., name, date of birth, and click the "Search" button
 4. If Approved, the "Certificate" button will be activated

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