Taste Buds: New Japanese Ramen Resto In Town with Unli Ramen

It has been raining too much because of monsoon and it gives us bed weather feels.  In time like this, we love to eat something that keeps us warm and sets our mood right on track.  We sometimes take a cup of coffee or hot noodles. But for me, I prefer the latter.  I love to eat hot noodles, especially Japanese Ramen.  But sometimes to get an authentic one will cost you around between 200 and 500 pesos.  Fret not! I found a new ramen restaurant that will not cost you much but the authenticity of Japanese flavors are alive and lingering.  Yummy Tokyo gets everything for us ramen lovers.  

I was able to visit their one-week old 3rd branch at Regis Center Kantipunan and got a chance to taste their ramens.  Here are the things you need to learn about Yummy Tokyo based on what I experienced. 

Yummy Tokyo offers 3 out of 4 main flavors of Japanese Ramen. The following are available:
a. Shoyu- soy sauce-based ramen.
b. Miso- soy bean paste flavored ramen
c. Tonkotsu - pork bone broth ramen.

The one i didn't see was the shio, a salt-based ramen.

To date, they are serving 8 types of ramen.
1. Miso Ramen - noodles in a creamy, nutty, and heavely miso soup, topped with a slice of chashu and 1/2 ajitsuke tamago
2. Spicy Miso - noodles in a spicy miso soup topped with a slice of chashu and 1/2 ajitsuke tamago
3. Tantanmen - noodles in a spicy chili and sesame soup topped with a slice of chasu and 1/2 ajitsuke tamago
4. Curry - noodles in a creamy curry soup topped with a slice of chashu and 1/2 ajitsuke tamago
5. Cold Ramen - noodles in a cold shoyu soup, topped with chicken strips, corn and cucumber
6. Shoyu - noodles in a tangy, salty, and savory soup, tapped with a slice of chashu, narutomaki, nori, and 1/2 ajitsuke tamago.
7. Tonkotsu - noodles in a savory pork bones soup, topped with a slice of chashu and 1/2 ajitsuke tamago.
8. Seafood - noodles in a savory scallop-based soup with cabbage strips, kani sticks, and narutomaki

Among the eight, their bestsellers are miso, tantanmen, and tonkotsu.  But for my taste buds, my  top three are spicy miso, curry, and tonkotsu. Spicy miso is still spicy but in the level that can withstand by my Filipino taste buds.  Perfect one for cold weather. Curry ramen is something that i will reorder for nth times at Yummy Tokyo.  It is creamy, salty, and warm you instantly as you sip its broth. Sabaw palang, Ulam na.  If they only have rice, i will mix it with the soup after finishing the noodles. Tonkotsu is creamy and has rich meaty flavor. A good sign that the pork bone is boiled for more than an hour to release the flavor.

Onigiri is a rice ball made from sushi rice with filling inside. They have the following variants:
a. Pork Adobo
b. Roadhouse Chicken
c. Spam Mayo 
d. Spicy Tuna
My top 2 are Pork Adobo and Spicy Tuna.  Pork Adobo is amazing.  I couldn't believe that a Filipino viand can be infused with Japanese one, a mix of two cultures. Maybe a ramen with Filipino touch is something to look forward to. Wishful thinking. On the other hand, the tuna in spicy tuna is fresh doesn't smell and taste fishy at all. 

Ramen Kit

I didn't expect this. I am really surprised about the Ramen Kit. It is like instant noodles but this one is a ramen version. The kit contains  noodles, ramen paste, and toppings.  If you find yourself wanting more ramen but you need to go home, grab this one with you. Cooking it won't take much of your time. 
Hello Ramen Kit, Goodbye Instant Noodles

UnliRamen Challenge Promo
This is amazing promo.  For only PHP 399, you can ramen all you want. 
💪Unlimited Noodles
👌Unlimited Broth
🐖Unlimited Chashu
🍳Unlimited Egg
Are you up for this challenge?

Below are the prices for Katipunan Branch.

Miso RamenP 149
Spicy MisoP 169
TantanmenP 189
CurryP 189
Cold RamenP 149
ShoyuP 149
TonkotsuP 149
SeafoodP 169
Onigiri Pork AdoboP 59
Onigiri Roadhouse ChickenP 59
Onigiri Spam MayoP 59
Onigiri Spicy TunaP 59
Ramen Kit MisoP 129
Ramen Kit Spicy MisoP 149
Ramen Kit TantanmenP 169
Ramen Kit CurryP 169
Ramen Kit Cold RamenP 149
Ramen Kit ShoyuP 129
Ramen Kit TonkotsuP 129
Ramen Kit SeafoodP 149

The Yummy Tokyo at Regis Katipunan is very accessible.  You can either take a jeep from Katipunan or UP, and ask the driver to drop you off at Regis Center.  Open Daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, the food hall can accommodate large group of people.  If you are planning to conduct a group study while having ramen party, this is a place for you.  Calling their neighbors, the students of Ateneo and Miriam. 

If you are not near Katipunan, they still have two more locations than you can visit:

A.  Maginhawa Street - Open Daily from 4:00pm to 12:00 midnight

B. Tektite, Ortigas Center - Open on Weekdays, Mon-Fri, 11:00 am to 6:00pm

Yummy Tokyo will be opening soon their 4th branch in BGC.

The Verdict
I'll BE BACK SOON! I love the location as it is very near to my home.  But the most important thing is the authenticity of Japanese Ramen is preserved despite of very affordable price.  Yummy Tokyo allows you to extend your ramen saga to your home thru Ramen Kit is a BIG PLUS.

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