Tasted Buds: 2019 The Dessert Museum, The Sweetness Overload Museum in Manila

There is a new museum in town for the chocolate and sweets lovers. It is called The Dessert Museum which is located at S Maison Mall. It is just at the back of SMX Convention Center of  SM Mall of Asia. 

You can book the ticket  for discounted price here for 529 Pesos instead of 799 or click the picture below.  It will give you automatic confirmation.

The museum is composed of 8 mouthwatering rooms. In each room, there are guides that would assist you to take your photos.  They also impart their knowledge regarding the history of the sweets in the room e.g. the maker of cotton candy, how's marshmallow created etc. They are giving away some sweets for your taste buds.  Going inside each room is also full of fun activities you either go to room sliding or choose your door to enter and be surprised what's behind the door.

Entrance to Donut Room

Giving us instruction before entering the first room.

Marshmallow Room
This is where you'll have your first treat.
Getting our first treat.

Candy Cane Room
You have to choose between naughty or nice.

Ice Cream Room
Free ice cream for everyone. Choose between Ube, Avocado, or Corn. It was creamy,milky, and smooth.

Bubble Gum Room
Go inside a big bubble gum dispenser.
Gummy Room

Enjoy the big gummy bears.

Cotton Candy Room
You'll love the fluffiness of the room.

Cake Pop Room
We enjoyed our tour inside the Dessert Museum. It took us more than 1.5 hours inside before we reached the last room, cake pop room. Don't forget to visit this museum. Prepare your throat for sweetness overload.

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