Sagada Municipility Released Tourist Guidelines

Sagada Municipality released a public advisory for all the tourists who will visit Sagada.  The guidelines aim to preserve the beauty of the location, and promote responsible tourism

1. Tours in and around Sagada must only be run by the local guides' organizations: SEGA, SAGGAS,SETGO, KIGA, ASSETG and BFTAMPGA for Northern Sagada.

2.Travel agencies, groups, and individuals must register for the tours at the Tourist Information Office.

3. There will be a limited number of tourists allowed per site per day, so make sure you book your tours earlier.
4. All tours require a guide. All tourist who do not have a guide will not be able to enter the site.

1. Only local transport shall be allowed to ferry tours to tourist sites so as not to create traffic in tourist destinations.

2. All tourist vehicles are required to park their vehicles all throughout the duration of their stay in their hotel parking area or in pay parking areas and avail of the local transport to visit the different sites. 

Tourists are obliged to walk around town to visit shops, restaurants and nearby tourist spots.
1.  Only LGU registered and DOT-accredited hostels/inns/homestays under the Sagada Inns and Hotels Association (SIHA) will be allowed to operate for tourist accommodations.

2 .Please follow standard prices for accommodation in Sagada. No haggling and no free beds.


1. Bring your own refillable water tumblers. Disposable water bottles are not allowed.

2. Throw your garbage at designated disposal areas.
3. Travel agencies/tour groups must bring out their garbage upon leaving Sagada.

Let's promote responsible tourism.

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