Singapore Episode 1A: Changi International Airport, Gateway to Singapore

Changi International Airport is currently rated as the best airport in the world by Skytrax since 2013.  Currently, it has 4 terminals serving around 100 airlines.  Six of which are airlines providing direct flight from Manila to Singapore, AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, Cebu Pacific, Scoot, and Singapore Airlines. 

Arrival Experience
We arrived from Manila via Jetstar Asia around 2 PM after 3 hours of travel.  It was smooth flight and  we docked at Terminal 1.   We followed the sign  going to immigration area.  Along the way, I already noticed that there were ample seats and USB outlets for charging.  There were drinking fountains for adult and children.  The comfort room was clean enough.

Mandatory Pic
Selfie at Immigration.  We easily passed the immigration after giving our passports and arrival cards. Then we passed by the Baggage Claim Area before getting out at the arrival section.
Arrival Garden
I didn't expect to see some trees and garden inside the terminal.  It was pleasing to see after 3 hours of cloud viewing.  Also, here we found too many stores selling sim cards and wifi.  Buy the best suit to your stay.  This was also the area where we claimed our sim card I bought in Klook.  Klook them below.

Once we got our sim card, we went to the 2nd floor to ride the Sky Train going to Terminal 2.  The MRT to city proper is located at T2,
Arrival Area. 
2nd Floor Level where the sky train is located
Connector Between Terminal 2 and 3.  Use the Escalator to MRT.
Once we arrived in Terminal 2, we went straight to its basement, where Changi MRT station was located.  We went to the booth at the station to get the Singapore Tourist Pass for 3 days which costed us 20 SGD plus 10 SGD for rental deposit.  Rental deposit was returned to us when we returned the pass.  We used it for MRT and Bus ride during our stay.  Other passes we found were 1 and 2 day passes which would cost 10 and 16 SGD, respectively.  
Departure Experience
After we checked out from our hotel,  we went to Changi Airport to discover more the number 1 airport in the world.  Our flight was 6 in the afternoon via Cebu Pacific Airlines, and luckily our gate was assigned to the new terminal, Terminal 4.  Since we arrived around 12 pm in Terminal 2, we had an ample time to have a quick tour around Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Both terminals are interconnected by the footbridge.
Footbridge between T2 and T3

Terminal 2 Departure Area
We were able to explore the departure area of terminal 2. The area was spacious and the high ceiling made it more well-ventilated even though there were many passengers.  The plants and orchids provided more colors to the aesthetic design of terminal.  We also found several stores selling salted egg chips and beef jerky.
Terminal 3 Arrival Area
After going around Terminal 2, we crossed the footbridge towards terminal 3.  There were different restaurants here, including the hello kitty restaurant.  We also delighted when we saw a slide going to lower level.  It must be fun but we didn't try it.
Hello Kitty Cafe
Terminal 4 Departure Area
Terminal 4 was the highlight of Airport Tour.
After roaming around Terminal 2 and 3,  we went to Terminal 4.  There was no sky train going there.  We took the shuttle bus at the level 1 of Terminal 2.  T4 was just adjacent to T2, and it took us only less than 10 minutes to be there.

The road looks like waving due to zigzag line 
Departure Area
We arrived at T4 around 2pm and our flight was still 6:40 pm. We made our 4 hours of waiting productive.  There was already available counter for our flight so we did our self-check in.
This was the first time we did a self-check in.  First we chose our airline on the screen, provided our booking reference, and scanned our passports.  Boarding passes and bag tags were printed instantly.  Then dropped our check-in baggage at the bag drop.  It took us only less than 10 minutes to do everything. No staff encountered.
Self Check In Machine

bird's-eye view of T4 Departure Area
We could see how spacious the T4 was.  All we could see were Kiosks.  There were few staffs in the area to assist the commuters who had questions.  At the end of the hall, we found this Food Emporium where we had our late lunch.  There were great options from english to halal food.
We always wanted to have our passport to have stamp, but unluckily we were directed to the Automated Immigration.   We just scanned our travel documents, passport and boarding pass, and scanned our thumbs.  Then we're cleared.  It took us less than 5 minutes to do the clearance process.
After passing the immigration, the fun began. It was like a mall with different concepts and boutique stores.  Everything was carpeted.  There were USB ports everywhere for charging.
When we got bored, we played at the entertainment corner for free.
As airplane enthusiast, I  was amazed by the big windows that gave me a full view of airplanes at the gates,  arriving, and departing Changi Airport.
Comfortable seats
 The time of boarding, we just used the Automated Boarding gates.   We scanned our boarding pass and had our picture taken. Then entered our plane smoothly.
At terminal 4, we experienced the automation process from check-in to boarding.  It was a smooth and comfortable experience.

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