Unboxing Starbucks Travel Organizer 2019

Before Christmas I was able to complete the 18 stickers to get my first official Starbucks travel organizer.  I redeemed the Sienna one.  I chose the organizer instead of planner because I wanted more space for writing the itineraries for my incoming travels.  It will be very handy, weigh less, and easy to slip in to my hand carry baggage.

So what's inside the Sienna Starbucks Travel Organizer?
The sienna organizer comes with Starbucks card, the Mermaid Tail.  The card is only available in the Philippines.
The leather cover has siren embossed on it.  Inside, you'll find the sealed notebook and organizer holder.
The notebook has 2019 and 2020 calendars. It has 7 vouchers at the back that you can use next year.  

There are 3 card holders and a phone holder in the leather cover.

This is a perfect organizer for a traveler like me who always takes down notes.

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