Taste Buds: Japan Fudo Street at Vertis North Ayala Mall

After being in Seoul for a week,  my taste buds wanted to eat some Japanese food again.  Roaming around with my family at Vertis North Ayala Mall, I came across this place called Japan Town.  It is called Japan Town because it consists of different Japanese restaurants, and a Japanese travel agency, JTB Philippines. 

I checked the different menus of the restaurants but the more appealing to me was this Japan Fudo Street. The restaurant ambiance made us feel you were in Japan.  The ceiling, lights, wall decoration were all Japanese-inspired.  

There were great choices on their menus, sushi, tempura, ramen, bento box etc.

What we ordered were:
Shushi Platter
Tonkotsu Miso Ramen
Tonkatsu Bento
 Gyu Yakiniku Bento

The sushi didn't taste and smell too fishy, and fish meat was firm.  I enjoyed dipping it with soy sauce with wasabi.

The ramen was tasty. It wasn't salty.  When I finished the noodles, I wanted to have another round but I was full already due to big serving.  I loved the egg yolk.  It melted in my mouth. It was soft while the white part was hard enough.

Tonkatsu and beef from bentos were tender. The servings were also big enough that were able to share them.

The food prices were reasonable and the servings were great. The ambiance was a great factor that we enjoyed our meals, Japan feels.

They also selling some Japanese items
Planning to go here?
If you are planning to go here, Vertis North Ayala Mall is just beside Trinoma.  You can ride the MRT and get off at SM North MRT station if coming from south.

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