Taipei Episode 4: Taipei Zoo & Maokong Gondola

After a very successful first day in Taipei, we planned to visit the Taipei Zoo and ride a gondola on our second day. We were excited for this day because everything was a first to us, to see Pandas and ride a cable car

We woke up early in the morning, and rode the MRT Brown Line from Taipei Nangnang Exhibition Center going to its last station, Taipei Zoo Station.  We chose this route even though it was longer because we wanted to see the other side of Taipei. This was the elevated MRT so we got to see the beauty of the city.  It took us almost an hour before reaching the Taipei Zoo Station.  The station was decorated by animals, mostly pandas that made us more excited. 

At the right side of station was the Taipei Zoo entrance while at the left side we could see the Maokong Gondola Station.

We used our easy card to pay for the entrance which costed us 60 NTD each.  We immediately asked for the Panda House at the information center and the lady gave us the direction.  On our way, we encountered unexpected sighting, a koala house. We were only expecting only Pandas but we thought the Taipei Zoo would offer us more than what we're expecting. The koalas were so adorable

We went to the Giant Panda House after visiting the Koala House. A group of photographers were taking photos of a panda eating bamboo leaves, stems, and shoots outside the house.  The panda loved the people because he was looking at them while chewing his food.
Viewing besides Giant Panda House
Inside the house, we saw more pandas playing around.

The house had souvenir shops and  a restaurant with full of panda dolls. Here where we had taken our lunch before we continued our trip. The food was delicious and enticing.

We continued our tour after we had a full tummy.  The zoo continued to surprise us as we saw different animals from different parts of the world that we thought we couldn't see in our lifetime and also not available in Manila Zoo.  We saw camels from Desert Animal Area, kangaroo from Australia Animal Area, and lemur and hyena from Africa Animal Area.
Hyena and Lemur
Other Animals
The zoo also showed us different floras, including maple trees (remembering the Kdrama Goblin).

Maple Trees

There were many picturesque areas in Taipei Zoo.

The area of the zoo was vast that 2 hours was not enough for us.

Going to Maokong

We already at the end part of the zoo, and it was already raining.  Instead of going back to Taipei Zoo Station of Maokong Gondola, we just rode a shuttle going to Taipei Zoo South Station. 

The shuttle was located near aviary section and costed us 5 NTD each.  We reached the station in just 5 minutes.

At the station, we presented the discount coupon for the ride that we got from buying 1 day pass. Instead of paying 100 NTD to Maokong Station, we paid 50 NTD each.

It was raining when we hopped in but the views were still stunning below. It was a bit windy going up and we were hearing the howling of the wind. When we reached the Maokong Station the operation was stop due to strong wind with rain. 

We were not able to go around because it was raining and it's getting darker already. We just experienced the cable car. Taipei had a long night. At 5pm the sun was already setting. There were many passengers stranded but luckily the management was able to provide free shuttle ride back to Taipei Zoo MRT Station.

Taipei Zoo
  1. Ride Brown Line and get off at Taipei Zoo Station.
  2. Pay your entrance using Easy Card so you don't need to queue.
  3. Allot 3 to 4 hours. Close by Monday
Maokong Gondola
  1. If you have discount coupon, use it.
  2. Ride cable car if the weather is clear.

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