Got My First Dose of Sinovac, How to Register & What Happened Next

In the early days of the Covid Pandemic,  our ways not to get infected by Covid are by Wearing Mask, doing Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing, and Social Distancing.  Those are the 3 simple effective ways that have been part of our behavior since March 2020.  Today, another method is added, Vaccination.  Vaccination or Bakuna is the method of inducing immunity to fight against a certain disease.  The most common vaccines or mostly we hear in the Philippines are anti-rabies, polio vaccine, flu vaccine, anti-pneumonia, anti-measles, and BCG (vaccine against TB).

Since the last quarter of 2020, countries have been starting to vaccinate their constituents with covid vaccines that are available. Most of the countries are purchasing several types of Covid vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies to augment and hasten their vaccination program.  Here in the Philippines, we already purchased Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Moderna. As of this writing, we have a steady supply of Sinovac and AstraZeneca, and more than 1.7 million doses have been administered using the two vaccines.  I am one of those million Filipinos that got the 1st dose.  I belong to the people with co-morbidities, A3 list. I got my first jab in Batasan National High School in Quezon CIty.

What are the steps to be vaccinated in Quezon City?

I'll be sharing the process based on my experience.  When Quezon City announced that they can now vaccinate the A3, I signed up to EZ Consult. EZ Consult is the application that supports the online vaccine registration of Quezon City. You can sign up here.

Once you created your account, update your medical history to put your co-morbidities e.g. high blood, diabetes.  You can now book your vaccine.  Once done registering, you will receive an email about your intention.

Once you are approved, you will notice that in Book Vaccine you can now choose your Vaccine, Vaccination Site, and available slots. You'll receive a confirmation in your email or in the EZ consult under "Health Passport".  I was approved after 3 working days from the date I registered.

What happened at the Vaccination Site?

Once we were at the Vaccination Site, we underwent several screenings. First, we presented the confirmation to the officer in the waiting area and filled up some forms.  Next, we presented the documents e.g. medical prescription that we have co-morbidities.  Next counseling, vital signs taking, and doctor assessment.  The doctor interviewed me regarding my co-morbidities and allergy history. The doctor assessed that I was fit to be vaccinated, he put "for vaccination" in my form. I went to the vaccination room.   After vaccination, I was monitored in another room to observe if there side effects that requiring immediate medication attention. After 30 minutes, we were ok to leave the room.  The nurse gave back my vaccination card.

What happened a day and few days after I got vaccinated?

On the day I got vaccinated my right hand got heavy and had tolerable pain in the vaccination site.  Same feelings when I had my last flu vaccine.  Maybe because Sinovac used the same technology as the flu vaccine. I didn't have any fever or headache within 1 week after my vaccination.  My 2nd dose will be given 28 days after my 1st dose. 

I highly encourage everyone to be vaccinated so we can reach herd immunity.  It is one of the ways to help our health care system.  Also, visit the DOH to get accurate information regarding the vaccines https://doh.gov.ph/faqs/vaccines.
Best vaccine is the one available

Mask, Hugas, Iwas, Bakuna 

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  1. A friend of mine tried this but she couldn't get through the site. Madami na ata nagreregister.

  2. My parents and husband have themselves listed in Naic (home) and Manda (work). But they have been waiting for long. We are anticipating the call and vaccine.

  3. Super informative article!!! Congrats po on the vaccine! Sana talaga bilisan na nila yung roll-out please huhuhuhu

  4. my mom was scared mejo she doesnt want sinovac pero sabi ng doctor ko na uncle ay no choice daw tayong mga pilipino. the best vaccine daw ay what is available. sana mag pa vaccine na most of the filipinos plus magkaron ng huge supply para matapos nan ang covid

  5. That's great you had your first shot already! In our city, they are still vaccinating senior citizens and healthworkers. I can't wait for my turn as well. Good thing you didn't feel anything intensely bad after the shot!

  6. Thank you for the detailed article! My father is a frontliner so everyone of them in the hospital they work at already got the vaccine too. He didn't have any side effect. But I heard that they are all scheduled to take the swab test again because some employees still tested positive with this another surge of cases.

  7. Good for you for having a vaccine. We need more individuals like you who will give more confidence for our locals to not be afraid to get a jab. Our batch here in Australia will be est. around June (based on the schedule).

  8. You have the same symptoms as my husband. Here in Pasig we either register our details online. After a day or two you'll receive a messagd containing your schedule.