Trave Guide: Haneul Park, How to Go Here and Its History

Haneul Park is the most visited of the five parks situated in World Cup Park. But don't you know that this park is used to be the Nanjido garbage dump site.   It was a landfill for 15 years  since 1978 and was closed in 1993.  It was converted to ecological park in 1996 until it was opened in 2002 as part of World Cup Park.
Reeds of the Haneul Park

Haneul means Sky in Korean, so the park is in the highest point of World Cup Park.  The park has viewing points that gives you amazing views of Seoul, N Seoul Tower and Han River.  You can reach the park by climbing up a wooden stairways with 291 steps or riding the electric tram.

How to Reach Haneul Park?
From Seoul Station/Myeong-dong
1.  Ride subway Line 4 going to Samgakji Station and transfer to Line 6 going to World Cup Stadium Station. Fare is KRW 1250

2. Ride the electric shuttle going to the top located at Nanji Park Lot going to the top.
Adult Fare:
One Way  -KRW 2000
Round Trip - KRW 3000
Child Fare:
One Way - KRW 1500
Round Trip - KRW 2200

3.  If you don't want to ride, you can go there by climbing the wooden stairway with 291 steps.
KOCIS Korea Autumn SkyPark 01 (10471598783)

October is Seoul Silver Grass Festival.  It is the best time to go here during Fall season.
KOCIS Korea Autumn SkyPark 04 (10471399525)
Silver Grass

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