How to Do Screen Sharing Using Facebook Messenger

Recently Facebook added a new feature in its Messenger.  It is screen sharing. Yes, you heard it right.  it is now like Zoom that you can share your desktop if you want to present something from your side.  If you still figuring this one,  I will help you to activate it.  Make sure that your Facebook Messenger is the updated version. 

How to Perform Screen Sharing
  • Start a video call with your friend.  At the top of your window, you will see two rectangles together.  Click that icon.

  • Facebook will notify you about the sharing of your screen.  Please note that everything you type will be visible from your end, including typing your password.  If you are ok with it, click START NOW.

  • The picture is the screenshot performed by my sister from her end and that's my screen.

This feature is very timely if the teachers will use this platform in teaching as most of the students now have Facebook.

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