The Weekend Menu Episode 1: Featuring Yummy Tokyo Maginhawa, Kape, Racks, and CBTL

This is the first episode of my THE WEEKEND MENU.  This is the story of the restaurants/shops I visited during weekends.

Last week, I wanted to go to Maginhawa Street to have some me-time. So I went there last Saturday at around four in the afternoon.   Wearing comfortable attire, I hopped into the jeepney and made my way to Philcoa while thinking about what to eat. Suddenly, ramen popped out of my mind.  The only ramen store I knew at that time in Maginhawa was the *Yummy Tokyo, so I decided to go there. In just a 10-minute jeepney ride, I got off in Philcoa and journey to Yummy Tokyo.  The weather was fine, and the sun was about to set in so I enjoyed strolling. I saw different restaurants along the way that would give us different flavors.  Restaurants to visit for my next episode of The Weekend Menu.  I did not notice that I was already walking for 20 minutes.  I enjoyed the solemnity of the street while some stores started to prepare and enlighten their facades to welcome the customers. 

Finally, I saw the signage of Yummy Tokyo across the street.  I walked inside the garage and saw Yummy Tokyo next to Moon Leaf Tea, which was under renovation.  

The staff was approachable and pleasantly led me to the table.  The place was not air-conditioned. I ordered the curry ramen. Curry ramen was the one stuck to my mind when I first blogged about the restaurants because of the rich curry flavor.  After 5 minutes, curry ramen was served to me. 

I started to dig in and the flavor was still there like the first time I tasted it.  Chasu and Tamago were perfectly cooked. Each sip brought back sanity in me.  I was full after finishing the bowl.  I paid for my bill and checked the unli ramen challenge winners hanging on their wall after.  

After having a full meal, I always drink a cup of coffee.  So I started walking again along Maginhawa street for another 5 minutes until I found a coffee shop, named Kape.   It looked small from the outside but the moment I entered, I was amazed how big it was.  It was long and 2-floor.  Most of the people were on the 2nd floor with their laptops.  It was the silent area.   

I ordered americano and donut.

While waiting for my order, I noticed a poem written on the wall in Tagalog and Baybayin.  I enjoyed what was written.

I was able to connect to the wifi and played mobile legends without a glitch. The wifi was reliable and fast. Staffs were also attentive to the customers.  I left after finishing my donuts and walked my way back to Philcoa were to get my ride home.  It was a very fulfilling Saturday night and a filled tummy.

On the following day, I had dinner with my sister and chose the Racks in Trinoma. There were only a few persons inside so we gave it a go.  We were led to our table and handed over the menu.  I love Racks' classic ribs but on that day I wanted to try something new their pasta. I chose the Bacon Aglio Olio.  My sister had Buffalo Wings and add-on rice (hahaha, it was her first meal of the day).  After 10 minutes of waiting, the food arrived.  I loved the pasta as I could taste the garlic and olive oil.  The bacon was not that salty. The size serving was good though a little bit pricey. The chicken wings were big and a bit spicy. Wings were tender and juicy.  Of course, I ate a lot.

I was full so we looked where to buy a coffee.  We ended buying coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the Cinema area. I had Americano and my sister got her favorite mocha. By the way, there are 3 stores of CBTL in Trinoma.

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*I blogged about Yummy Tokyo store in Regis Center, Katipunan when the store was just a 3-week old 

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