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OneOkada Supplements Back By Research

There are many risk factors that can affect our health.  The significant ones are the environment and family genetics.  We will never know what sickness we can get from our surroundings. People you encounter daily may transmit to you some virus or bacteria that can make you ill.  The air pollution we encounter in EDSA can harm our lungs. For family genetics, there are illnesses that resurface once we have a frail body.  But we can prevent the occurrence by having a healthy body. We must live a healthy lifestyle and take supplements that can enhance our immune systems to protect our body from illnesses.  Here comes the OneOkada International Corporation that can supply you quality, and tested supplements to enhance your immunity and overall wellness. 

OneOkada is a distribution company of health and wellness products, and it offers  supplements that are approved by FDA.

FDA Approval


1. Black Garlic - is made from Japan.  Black Garlic contains more antioxidants than the ordinary garlic. It helps in fighting cancer. There is a study that it can inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells. Read Study 
2. Gravitol -is a pure extract of graviola leaf which is known to have anti-cancer properties. There are several studies that graviola may have the ability to destroy the malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer including breast, prostate, colon. One significant study is the graviola only destroys the cancer cells, excluding the healthy ones. Read Study

3. Pure Nature C - is a natural vitamin c from camu-camu extract.  Camu-camu has one of the highest concentration of vitamin C. It can improve your liver health, cognitive ability, and prevent infertility are some of the benefits. Read More
4. Maca Power - is made from pure maca root extract. It promotes fertility and increases libido.  It also improves your mental well-being and mood by reducing depression and anxiety. Read More

5. Okada Plus - is made from Andrograpgis Paniculta which is highly effective against diabetes. It improves the liver and gall bladder function.

6. Okada White - is a premium glutathione supplement that promotes good liver health,  and fairer skin.

Aside from the above products, they also have the following:

1. Lex Cafe - it is 9 in 1 coffee mix.  It contains vitamins and minerals that keep you alert and energetic.  It is still my coffee and one noticeable about this coffee is it doesn't make my stomach acidic.

2. OneOkada Wonder Soap - it is a combination of very powerful active ingredients that can whiten and moisturize your skin.  It can also be used in your hair and scalp to prevent hair fall and dandruff.  I am currently using this one. It whitens my skin but it doesn't dry it.

Alternative Treatment to Kill Cancer Cell.

OneOkada also provides alternative treatment to kill cancer cells using microwave heat. It is called CEAT or Cancer Energy Annihilation Therapy. It kills cancer cell while leaving the healthy cells intact. Watch the video below.

If you want to learn and buy their products, you may message them in Facebook or visit their office. Staffs are very approachable and you may also get free screening and diagnosis using their advanced technology.

Office: Unit 803 Triumph Square Bldg. Quezon Ave. Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City

Phone: (02) 374-04-66
Mobile: 0999-9252405 (smart)
0966-2550909 (globe)
Email: oneokadacorp@gmail.com
Facebook: OneOkada


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