Taste buds: A Must Try Ice Cream Even in Rainy Season

It was rainy afternoon and I was craving for something sweet after a very long day.  Roaming around to find something to eat at SM North Towers, I found something new to my eyes, an ice cream.   BUT it was not the typical ice cream on cone made from wafer that caught my attention.
The ice cream was sitting  on the cone made of dough. I didn't miss a chance, I bought one instantly at the Dough Creamery to have a taste.   I asked the staff what was their best seller, and she suggested the one with blueberry fillings, so I decided to take her suggestion.  I ordered spindle dough with blueberry fillings that costed me around 99 pesos.   I was surprised that they fried the dough.  It made  the dough crispy and bit brownish.  After 5 minutes,  I was able to have my first taste of  it.  I noticed the dough  was still warm that I wanted to eat it first because of cold weather.  The ice cream was milky, soft, and pure.  The sweetness of ice cream and sourness of blueberry  bits were perfectly combined that I didn't feel fed up at all.  Talking about the dough, it was chewy and crunchy.  It didn't melt at the same time with ice cream unlike the wafer cone. I totally loved it.

Aside from Spindle Dough, they also have other choices, waffle pop and ice dog, a level up ice cream  inside monay.

There are two type of fillings to choose from as well:

a. Special - chocolate, caramel, blueberry, ube, peanut butter, and cheese.
b. Premium - peanut butter & blueberry jelly, peanut butter & caramel, caramel apple, and peanut butter & chocolate.

I was able to try its waffle pop, when I used my Booky app. I got the  two waffle pops for only 99 pesos instead of paying for 198 pesos. Lucky me. The waffles were soft and moist inside, and adding to their flavors were the peanut butter and chocolate fillings on top.  The ice cream was put beside the waffle with its own scoop. I ate first the ice cream because the waffle was so good. Definitely will be back soon to get some ice dog.

If you want to check out the Dough Creamery, it is  located 2nd Level, North Towers, SM North.

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