Taste Buds: Much Needed Hot Pot in Rainy Season, 1 Peso Per Gram

It's rainy season again in the Philippines. A cold windy breeze will shiver your body in the afternoon as rain is started to fall until night.  One thing for sure, we all want something to warm our body and mood, especially our tummy. Fret not, I found something worth interesting and based on your budget.  

Located at Araneta Center Cubao there is a small store facing the Coliseum that serves a hotpot.  One thing you'll notice on its window is 1 peso per gram. A very eye-catching for those in budget.  You'll have a full control on how much you want to expend for your meal.  For as low as 80 pesos, the minimum, you can enjoy a savory and hot noodles at SoupER Hot. 

In just 4 steps, you can enjoy the hot meal.  
1. Get a bowl and choose whatever you want in the fridge.
2. Weigh your bowl.
3. Choose your soup
4. Enjoy your hot meal.

There are different noodles, vegetables, sea food, and meat to choose from.  There are four soups to choose but I highly recommend their KUNG FU SOUP with slight spiciness  level.

They also offer seafood, beef, and pork meals for 150 pesos each.  The catch here is they will be the one getting the ingredients of their choice. All meals even the one you 'll be mixed and matched  come with free rice and refillable soup of your choice.  If you need more soup, call the staff and they will be happily to refill your bowl.  The staffs are very approachable and entertaining.  

I already ate here twice, I would say the service is really good though the venue is small and can only accommodate less than 15 persons.  The soup, particularly the Kung Fu, is very tasty.  The tastiness of your hotpot is still dependent to the ingredients you'll be mixing.  So far I did a great job and enjoyed every sip of spicy soap.

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