Staycation: Overnight Stay in Less Than 1000 Pesos

Last month I just had another staycation with my family as a birthday gift for my sister.  I was browsing again with my favorite booking site, Agoda, when I found this very interesting accommodation. It was very cheap that would cost less than PHP 1000 per room with free access to deck and pool, and very near to the 2 major malls in Quezon City.  The accommodation I booked was the RedDoorz Premiun near Trinoma and got it for 1800 pesos . This accommodation is a condotel.  The lower half of the building is a condominium while the upper half is for the accommodation being managed by RedDoorz*.  The hotel is at Barangay Pag-asa and just 2 blocks away from Trinoma Mall.

Hotel Experience

Check In
Reception Area
Upon entering the hotel, we were nicely greeted by the guard and the receptionist.  The reception area was quite small,and couldn't accommodate a large group of people.  We were given queuing number as there were to many check ins that time, We're asked to stay at the cafe where other visitors were waiting. When it was our time, the receptionist asked for my ID and verified it in their system.  I filled up the registration form and deposited PHP 1000. Once everything was ok, were given two electronic keys and and two ordinary keys for the door.  One electronic key to activate the electricity in the room, and the other one to activate the elevator.  You heard it right, one key to activate the elevator.  You can't enter your floor if you don't have the elevator key.  According to them, each tenant ,and RedDoorz visitor has this key. Tenant can't press the floors of Reddoorz and same goes with the visitors.  They can't enter the floors of the condominium for security purposes. 

I booked two rooms, twin bed and double bed.  It was amazing to see that both rooms were very spacious than what were on the website.  The windows were big enough that the sun lighten up the whole room when the lights were off. We found the welcome kits on the bed, and surprisingly to see a comb on the kit.
Double Bed
Twin Bed


Both beds were very comfortable.  There was a feeling being lullaby when I laid my back on it.  I just loved the back light on the bed that it gave you feeling of coziness.


In terms of internet connection,  I was really having a hard time to connect to their wifi during our stay but my sister was having a blast. It might be my phone.  Both sun and globe signal were strong when I played some mobile games.

The bathroom was spacious enough and with heater. Liquid soap and shampoo dispensers were available instead of bar soap and shampoo in small bottle which I found very economical and nature friendly.

The Pool
We were able to enjoy the pool at the deck on the following day as it was only open from 8 AM to 5 PM.  In order to go there, we asked the assistant from the staff cause they have access to the deck.  The elevator electronic key  has no direct access on the deck for visitors.  We went their early morning to avoid the crowd.  The pool was big enough in order to do the lap. We also tried the Jacuzzi but it was not warm but the bubbles were relaxing.  We got to see also the Veterans Memorial Golf Club from the deck.


I didn't get a chance to buy food from their cafe but they are offering free breakfast in Agoda.  Trinoma and SM North are just two blocks away so we just had our meal in the mall.

Check Out

Checking out was very easy.  We returned the keys to the front desk.  After checking the room, she gave me the 1000 pesos deposit. 

OOOPH Hotel Rating (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor).
1. Reservation handled = Excellent
2. Guest Room Cleanliness = Good
3. Facilities & Amenities = Good, due to limited time use of Gym and Pool
4. Restaurant = N/A I didn't avail breakfast
5. Internet Connection
a. Download = Good
b. Upload = Good
6. Friendliness of Staff = Excellent
7. Quality of Service Excellent
8. Value for Money Excellent

Overall Rating = Good

Overall,  I had a very satisfying stay at this hotel. I would like to commend the housekeeper that's very accommodating to our needs though she was very busy that time.  I highly recommend this place if you need one week stay or just overnight stay as this place is cheap but with satisfactory amenities.

*What is RedDoorz? RedDoorz is South-East Asia’s fastest growing value hotel chain. With over 500 properties across Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore, we are committed to serving a quality stay experience for our customers throughout our regional network.

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