Taste Buds: KkoKKho Lunch Box and Hotteok

Whenever I miss Seoul there is only one thing I always do, eat.  I eat anything Koreans. Last night, despite having a no rice diet for almost a week,I craved for Korean dishes. Diet no more. Luckily, there was a new Korean Restaurant which opened few weeks ago near my office. 

It was Kko Kko. Kko Kko has its new branch in Cubao Araneta Center and it's located at New Frontier, formerly known as Kia Theater.  It is in the 2nd floor, and the entrance is in other restaurant on the first floor, Paldanji.

Upon settling in, the waiter handed me an ipod to check the menu.  I already tried their buldak,read here, and was planning to taste a new one. I decided to try one of their Dosiraks,spam. Spam dosirak contains spam, kimchi rice, and seasoned kim.

So what is dosirak by the way? 
Dosirak (도시락)  refers to a packed meal in South Korea. It usually consists of bap (cooked rice) and several banchan(side dishes). The lunch boxes are typically plastic or thermo-steel containers.

The staff presented to me the tin box. I was like a child excited to open his present. I was opening it carefully so I wouldn't mess the food inside. 
It was neatly arranged with slices of spam on the side, and sunny side up and dried seaweed were on top of kimchi rice.  I closed the box again and shook it to mix the content. That's how you do it in Korea but you can mix with it spoon and fork if you don't want to shake it. Kimchi rice really tasted good. I could taste the spicy fermented cabbage on the rice.  It was well complemented to the saltiness of spam.  I was really full after eating my dosriak due to large serving.

I also ordered their hotteok.  It is a popular street food in Korea.  It is a pancake filled with a sweet mixture e.g. honey, peanuts, and cinnamon.
The hotteok I tasted had a cinnamon & honey on it.  It was sweet enough as a dessert.  It was sticky and chewy. The ice cream just added more sweetness on it and I was fed up easily. On my own opinion, I think the hotteok itself is good enough. Hopefully the ice cream is just an option.  It was also served right away so the ice cream melted before I consumed my dosirak.

Overall, I enjoyed my dinner at their new branch. It brought back my memories from my Seoul adventure.  Staff was very attentive to the needs of the customers.  I will  be coming back soon to try the other dishes

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