Starbucks Philippines Planner and Travel Organizer 2019

This is the time of the year when you find yourself holding a small piece of paper folded in three parts while waiting for your turn to say you favorite drink to Starbucks barista, 1 tall caramel macchiato please! (That's mine).   Since November 2, 2018, people have started collecting stickers.  One thing is noticeable, you are not required to purchase the Christmas beverages to complete the 18 stickers.

For 2019, Starbucks Philippines gives you more choices, either a planner or travel organizer. And from each type, you have two choices as well.  Four items to be collected in all.  Each has its own distinct Starbucks Card.

The planner is available in 2  colors, espresso and milk.  The espresso has yellow pouch while the milk is teal.

Travel Organizer.
It is available in 2 colors, dark teal and sienna.  The leather cover has card holders.  It has enough space for your phone.

Travel organizer and planner have beverages vouchers.  So start drinking your favorite coffee,and collect them all.

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