Taipei Escapade Episdoe 5: The Search for Modern Toilet Restaurant and Unexpected Love for Ximen

After a long day at Taipei Zoo and unprecedented event at Maokong Station, we searched for the Modern Toilet to fill up our tummies. According to my classmate, it was located at Ximen District.  We checked our map where Ximen was, and we found out that there was Ximen MRT Transfer Station, transfer station between Green Line and Blue Line. From Taipei Zoo Station brown line, we went to Zhongxia Fuxing MRT Transfer Sation, transfer station between Blue and Brown lines. When we reached the transfer station, we took the Blue line and reached Ximen in just 5 minutes.  

When I saw Ximen, I was amazed.  The place looked like Tokyo or New York at Night.  Pedestrian area was surrounded by buildings with full of digital billboards. Billboards enlightened the area that made the place alive and lovely.
As we went around looking for Modern Toilet, we were surprised by numbers of clothing stores, restaurants, bars, and especially souvenir shops. We also noticed some street shows around Ximen.

Finally! We found the Modern Toilet which was located near Ximending Emei Parking lot.
Map from Ximen MRT station to Modern Toilet Restaurant
It was on the 2nd Floor of the building.
From the name itself, all we could see were toilet bowls,and toiletries.
The waitress guided us on the 3rd floor and gave us the menu.  We were excited to eat something delicious in a room full of toilets.
There were many people eating and enjoying their own food.  We enjoying everything we ate.  The food were yummy and not yucky. I never thought that eating in toilet would be that enticing.


  1. Drop off is Ximen MRT Station.
  2. Ximen is also known as Ximending.
  3. Go there during weekend as there are many street shows.

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