Taichung City Episode 6: A Colorful Festive: Xinshe Flower Festival & Rainbow Village

It was drizzling in Taipei on our 3rd Day.  We woke up early in the cold morning as we were going to Taichung City for 2017 Xinshe Flower Festival.  We would be riding a bullet train on our way, another one in our bucket list. 

We went to Taipei Main Station where we're going to ride the bullet train.  At the counter, we exchanged the voucher we booked via Klook at discounted price.  The officer asked for our passports to validate the details in our vouchers. Since it was not a peak season the teller was able to give us assigned seats. The teller gave us each a card with our ticket.

Our train arrived on time. The car had 2 x 3 seating capacity, and had enough foot room better than A320 Airbus. They also sold snacks during the travel.
Just arrived at THSR Taichung Station

We arrived at Taichung City in 45 Minutes. The weather was much better here. It was sunny.

Going To Xinshe Flower Festival
From THSR Taichung Station, we rode a local train at Xinwuri Station going to Fengyuan Station.  At the parking lot of the station, we rode the free shuttle bus going to Xinshe. It took us 30 minutes to get there. 

When we arrived, our eyes were greeted by different colors e.g pink, white, yellow, green, orange, red etc.  People were like bees swarming around the flowers with their camera.
The festival was for everyone.  There were children playing around. Couples taking picture of each other.
Unexpected to see a cherry blossom on the festival. Cherry blossom  usually blooms in February in Taiwan. Lucky!!!

Rainbow Village

On the following day, I went to Rainbow Village. Rainbow Village is one of the veteran villages that should be demolished but one of the residents, Huang Yung-fu painted the village with animals, dolls etc.  It became a tourist attraction after because of its color.

From our hotel in Taichung, VIP Hotel, we rode a Bus #40 going to Ling Dong High School stop.  From the stop, we walked towards Ling Tung University. From the University, you could see an empty lot with small houses on its right.
There were 3 tourist buses when we arrived at the Rainbow Village.  It was a bit crowded at that time.
We finished going around here for only 30 minutes.

Xinshe Flower Festival
  • Ride bullet train from Taipei going to Taichung Station.  From THSR Taichung station walk towards Xinwuri Station (local train). Ride the train going to Fengyuan.
  • Book your bullet train ticket at Klook
  • Flower Festival happens in November.
  • There is free shuttle in weekend (as far as I know).
Rainbow Village
  • Ride a bus #40 and drop off at Ling Dong High School stop. Walk towards Ling Tung University. Rainbow Village is at right side of the University.

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