Travel Guide: Travel Requirements When Going Abroad as Filipino Tourist

Going out abroad for first timer is somehow stressful.  Anxiety strikes you after hearing the story about offloading incidents. Fret not! There are only few things that immigration officer requires from you which they replied to me when I emailed them.

In general, Filipinos traveling abroad are required to show the following documents:

  1. VALID Passport. Your passport should be valid at least 6 months from your departure date.
  2. VALID original Visa for port of entry (when required by country of destination).
  3. Confirmed Return ticket for Tourist.

Immigration Officer may also ask for your hotel accommodation or place to stay, and company ID if employed.

During my first international travel, I also brought the following:

  1. Income Tax return (ITR)
  2. Certification of Employment with my position and salary.
You may bring the same in case they doubt your financial capacity.

1. Complete the Departure Card before going to immigration section.
2. Answer the question directly.  No need to answer like a beauty pageant contestant, no hugot e.g. "hanap ng forever". It can be a red flag for them.
3. Prepare the boarding pass, passport, accomplished departure card, and return ticket
4. Just relax.

Happy Trip!!!

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