Taipei Escapade Episode 1: The Taipei MRT Lines, and Taipei 101

Taipei Nangnang Exhibition Center Station Exit 5 - Blue Line
We stayed on my classmate house which was near at Taipei Nangnang Exhibition Center Station. This station was the starting point of all our activities in Taipei.  While walking towards the station, we noticed several orange bikes parked before it. According to my classmates, they were YouBikes.  YouBIke is another mode of transportation in Taipei. Commuters can rent the bike and park it to the YouBike station near to his/her destination.
At the station, we approached the officer in the window, and asked for two Metro Taipei One Day Pass tickets.
This pass will give you a ride-all-you-can in all MRT Lines in Taipei until 12 midnight
This costed us 150 NTD each. When I got the tickets the officers also handed-over two sets of discount coupons for rides, Taipei 101,and other activities.  This was totally made me happy as a tourist.
We tapped our tickets and waited for the train to go.  We were heading to Blue Line Taipei City Hall Station to reach  Taipei 101. There were only few riders on the first station. The train was clean and spacious.

Currently, Taipei has 5 MRT Lines, mostly have underground stations.
  • Wenhu Line a.k.a Brown Line
  • Tamsui-Xinyi Line a.k.a Red Line
  • Songshan -Xindian Line a.k.a Green Line
  • Zhonghe-Xinlu Line a.k.a Orange Line
  • Bannan Line - a.k.a Blue Line
Taipei MRT Map

Checking Where we at vs Tourist Map
We reached the Taipei City Hall station in just 10 minutes, and went to Exit 2 to reach Taipei 101
Spacious platform
Every station has exit information and contains mostly the visited places in the area.
From the exit, we turned left towards the mini park. We could see the Taipei 101 rising before us.
Taipei 101 and its mall
We passed by Taipei City Hall before reaching Taipei 101.

We went to Taipei 101 mall where the entrance to observatory was located. The mall was like a Rockwell Mall version of Taipei. There were many branded boutiques.

We went to 5th floor, where ticketing booth was located.I presented Taipei 101 vouchers I bought from Klook at discounted price.  The agent gave me the actual tickets.  Then off to the observatory at 89th Floor.
Ticket Booth

Actual Ticket
We reached the 89th floor in just 37 seconds.  We enjoyed the panoramic view of the city.
National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.  The fountain looks like an iphone.
Elephant Mountain

We go down to 88th floor where the wind damper was located. The wind damper was installed to prevent structural damage due to strong wind.
Wind Damper

Watching the presentation about the wind damper
After visiting the damper,  we went to outside observatory at 91st floor.  We also watched here a 5-minute movie regarding the building of Taipei 101.  It was a very informative show.

Around Taipei 101

Mall Entrance
At Office Entrance
Infinite Life

While going to National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, we passed by Taipei City Hall Public Square.  We found this park as a perfect place to take a picture with Taipei 101.
  1. Ride a blue line and get off at Taipei City Hall Station.  Exit at Exit 2.
  2. Book in advance your ticket to Taipei 101 at Klook for discounted price. Ticket Price: Php 853.00

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