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Taste Buds: Jonglo Korean Restaurant: Eat in Korean Traditional Style.

Jonglo Korean Restaurant is one of the Korean restaurants you can find along Malate. What makes this restaurant exceptional is that you can borrow the Korean traditional attires they have for your photos.  Jonglo is located in Bocobo St.   The street is in front of Robinson's Manila, and only two blocks from there. It has 2 floors and the attires are located on the 2nd floor.

They have a lot of Korean dishes to offer e.g. japche, rapoki, samgyupsal, kimbap. Everything is in big serving.  We only spent 1000 pesos for our meal.

Our Dishes

Eating in Korean style  in Hanbok.

Overall, the restaurant had value for money. The dishes were all good. 

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Unknown said…
Cool! I am dying to try that restaurant! Are the food authentic Korean dishes?
I would love to taste everyhting there! Looks so delicious :)
Meg said…
What a great experience! Love that you can try the traditional dress and some authentic Korean food at the same time.
Anonymous said…
nice pics!!
keep sharing! like your blog
GetLostAbroad said…
Looks like you had an amazing time! Great food, nice clothes ;-)
Unknown said…
Nice! I would love to try it tonight!!!! <3