Buying Second-Hand iPhone in Shopee, Is It Worth it?

iPhone is a line of smartphones being sold by Apple Inc.  It is one of the most awaited phones every year as most of the time Apple releases new models.  I always dream to have one but it's quite expensive if you buy one in an accredited store.  

One day while I was browsing some items in Shopee,  I noticed that there were sellers selling refurbished original iPhones.  Out of curiosity and wanting to have one, I ordered one to check if it was worth it.   After few days, I got the iPhone 5s.  Yes, it was the 2013 iPhone model.  Apple already stopped manufacturing this model.  I chose that one because it was cheaper than the other models.  The iPhone 5s I bought was valued at PHP 2499.

Does this 2013 model work fine till now? Here is my complete review.

The iPhone 5s I received have iOS 12.5.4.  It is the last update for this model.  The phone is registered to Apple as I am able to log in to my apple account.  It is not a fake iPhone or imitation.

It still really works well on my social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter. I don't experience any lag while using it.  The fingerprint unlock is functioning well.

In terms of camera, both back and front cameras are giving me decent shots. The selfie camera has 1.2 MP, f/2.4 while the back camera has 8 MP, f/2.2.  I really love the camera of the iPhone 5s though it has only 8 MP it gives me sharp photos. Below are the sample photos.

For video, the back camera has 1080p@30fps, 720p@120fps.  I use it for my TikTok and Instagram. Here is a video that was taken at night.

For storage, the one I have has 16 gigabytes.  It is not enough but you can manage to maximize the space by storing your photos and videos in 3rd party storage application.  I downloaded Google Photos.  Pictures and videos are automatically synced to it, hence I still have enough memory for the applications.  Below shows my used storage. Mostly due to downloaded applications.

I've been using the phone for more than a month now and the battery lasts for 8-10 hours only if I am not doing heavy browsing.  I always put my phone at Do Not Disturb so notifications won't push through unless when I unlock it. The battery percentage is not showing an accurate percentage, and it is only my immediate concern.  To remediate that I always bring my power bank whenever I am going out.  We all know that the life cycle of the battery decreases as years pass by.  Since this is an old model we can assume that the battery life is not at full capacity.

If you want to replace the battery, it costs around PHP 1000 to 1200 in the repair shop.  This includes the battery and professional fee already. But if you are techie enough, there are many stores in Shopee that are selling iPhone batteries with free tools e.g. screwdrivers.  The price range is between Php 300 to 500.   Just watch the steps on youtube on how to change the battery if you choose the latter.

Is it worth it to buy iPhone in Shopee?
I am well aware that the phone is second-hand.  It is worth it as my secondary phone.  The phone is authentic as I am able to connect it in Itune and the Apple store. I am using it most of the time for texting and taking photos.  The output photos are at par with camera phones with higher megapixels. Applications are working fine without any lag.  As of this moment, my only concern is the battery. It is not showing the correct percentage but it can last for 8 hours if not using data.

Here are the useful links:

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If you want to buy iPhone batter > https://invol.co/cl5ccz6

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