Taste Buds: Cold Afternoon With Hokkaido Ramen Santouka at UP Town Center

It was a cold afternoon when I went to UP Town Center to return the defective item I bought in Lazada.  The process was just simple and it only took me 10 minutes, including waiting time.  I had no lunch yet so I and my sister decided to find a restaurant we haven't tried yet.  We were looking for heavy meals but at the same time could keep us warm.  We landed at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka after checking their menu.  We asked for a table for two persons while were completing our health declaration form.  The staff courteously guided us to our table and gave us the menu.  Since we wanted something heavy, we order their Sentouka Set Meal. My sister ordered Set E which includes small ramen, fried salmon, and prawn.  While I ordered the one with fried chicken and small ramen which was Set C.  Both sets had a small rice bowl, a cup of tea, and fruit salad.

While waiting for our meals,  we decided to eat at their outdoor table.  We found it more breathable and comfortable as it was very spacious. After 10 minutes of waiting, our food arrived.  Here some photos of our food.

The fried prawn, chicken, and salmon were tender and juicy. They were not overly cooked.  Ramen broths were flavorful. The spiciness was tolerable for hot ramen.  My sister and I enjoyed our meal while having a good conversation.  

Below are some important details.


U.P Town Center.

> Japanese Food
> Set Menu is a good deal, you can choose the ramen flavor you want

> Highly recommend choosing the table outside as it is very spacious.
> Well-ventilated

> Practice basic health standard protocol
> Courteous

 Value for Money
> Set Menu will offer you more. 
>You get what you see

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