Unboxing and Review of Mini Stepper Exercise Machine

Most of us are still staying at home and get out only if needed.  One of the things we are missing to do is exercise.  Some of us are also have limited space in the house and doing rigorous exercises to push our bodies are not possible.  I personally miss going to the gym and do my cardio on the treadmill.  I tried jogging but having a face mask while running is completely challenging.  That's why I started looking on the internet that can give me cardio at home.  The treadmill and stationary bike are spacious for my small room.  Luckily, I found something in shopee that can give me cardio exercise for my small room. 

Mini Stepper is an exercise machine that you can adjust the resistance and height as needed.  It is easy to use.  You just need to pedal up and pedal down, like you are climbing stairs.  It has a multi-function screen that shows the number of of your steps and calories you already burned which I really like about this machine.

I've been using this for a month already and so far it is still working properly.  It gives me enough sweat like a stationary bike.  Though the focus of this machine is calves, thigh, hips, and waist, it also moves your whole body.  

What's inside the box?
1. Mini Stepper
2. 2 Resistance Bands
3. Mini Screwdriver
4. Manua.

Other Details
Material: High-quality Steel
Weight: 6KG
Weight Capacity: Max. 120kg

If you want to get this. here is the link to Mini Stepper.

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  1. Hmm. This stepper exercise machine should be in my list to complete my fitness tool. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I really need this to stay in shape.

  2. This is great!!! We actually just bought a stationary bike at home, but I’m not a dan of it. I would much rather buy something like this. Goodluck on your home workouts!!

  3. This is one great workout equipment. If I have the moolah, I would invest in this for sure.