Air Purifier Ionizer in Midst of Pandemic

We have seen some people wearing a small gadget hanging in their neck nowadays.  It is rectangular in shape but sometimes it looks like a little cute donut.   But what's the small gadget that even known personalities are wearing it during the pandemic.   It is called Air Purifier Ionizer.  

Air Purifier Ionizer is a small device that ionizes the air molecules.  It emits negative ions within a specific diameter.  These negative ions attach itself to air pollutants such as airborne pollutants, allergens, and other unwanted particles in the air. These make the particles heavier and fall down to the ground thus they will be less likely inhaled by someone.

How this prevents having covid?  As we all know the virus is transmissible via droplet infection and there is a new study that it is now aerosol in "confined area", these negative ions can now pull down the carrier of the virus to the ground.  Thus limit the possibility of getting the virus inside your body. Please note that it won't kill the virus.  The virus remains in the ground unless you do disinfection of the surface.

Am I using it? Yes.  I currently have this device in my area as added protection against viruses or other unnecessary particles.   I also use it whenever I go out.  I bought my device from Biocare Philippines and it costed me around PHP 1500, the delivery fee was not included. The device lasts for 10 hours and it takes only 1 hour to fully charge it.  It has also come with 6 months warranty.  

What to expect inside the box?
1.  Air Purifier Ionizer
2. Lanyard
3. USB Power Cable
4. Clip Holder
5. User Guide
6. Warranty Card
Remember always practice the minimum health standard even if you have this.
1.  Keep  your distance
2. Wear Face Mask and Face Sheild
3. Always wash or disinfect your hand
4. If feeling unwell even not having covid symptoms consult the health professional ( I just added this one)

This is not a treatment for covid, other viruses nor kill the viruses.  This is one measure you can add to prevent inhaling the unwanted particles in the air.

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  1. Amazing product! I am just wondering they are shipping internationally? is it available on Amazon! I highly needed this right now especially here in Cali, wildfires, corona are everywhere.

  2. This is such an essential in these times! Soooo important to keep our air clean so that there's less virus circulating!

  3. I've been seeing this online and looks cool. Parang portable wifi lang ang peg, hahaha. May wifi rin ba ito?! Mas cool para 2-in-1 :)

  4. Super interesting concept for the device. I wonder if it really works? Like what were the benefits after personally using it for some time already? Was it worth the price?

  5. I've been thinking of having air purifier once in a while. This device sounds interesting! I would love to try this once I buy the air purifier soon

  6. The design of that Air ionizer is cool and 10 hours duration of usage is nice. It helps purify some dirt in air particles but for viruses it is not effective. Is the device light weight?

  7. is this advisable for kids din to use? or hindi naman need since hindi naman din sya lumalabas sa house?

  8. I notice many people have this hanging around in their necks nga. I even asked my friends where to get one kasi mas okay na prepared and extra careful especially sa panahon ngayon. Will check this one from Biocare Philippines. Are devices like this really around that price range? Or meron pa cheaper? 😀

  9. This post made me want to persuade my parents to buy an air purifier ionizer for themselves. As you can see, they always work outside since the quarantine rules became more lenient. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

  10. Was looking for an air purifier! Thanks for this! You purchased via shopee, lazada, or sa FB page nila? :)

  11. I've been seeing this being worn by people nga. Thanks for clarifying its purpose. Nothing wrong with extra protection right. Keep safe!

  12. I saw this with a lot of my officemates and friends already. But does it really do anything with the COVID virus? I mean it doesn't actually kill the virus, I hope it really places the COVID particles on the ground hehehe