Taipei Escapade Episode 3: Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining & Shilin Night Market

After going to  Taipei 101 and National Sun Yat-sen Memorial  Hall, my sister and I decided to start our food trip in Taipei.  One of our agenda was to find the Hello Kitty restaurant that I discovered during the time I was creating the itinerary.  Hello Kitty was her favorite character.  

We searched the Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining in Google Map (well Google was our best friend).  Google advised us to go to Zhongxia Xinsheng Blue Line Station.  We walked towards Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Blue Line Station which was the nearest station from National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.  Our drop off was just 3 stations away so we arrived in just 5 minutes.  We exited the Exit 1 at Zhongxia-Xinshen station. We walked towards Xinsheng Elevated Road.  It was visible enough from the exit.  When we reached the elevated road, we turned right and cafe was just few steps away.
When we entered the cafe we were greeted by the waitress, and was told that the minimum order per person was 300 NTD. Initially, we thought it was just one floor and we decided to take-out some pastries to save money. But luckily, we decided to dine-in instead.  We were guided by the waitress upstairs, and the Hello Kitty magic began.
It was very spacious at the 2nd floor.  The ambiance was so lively.
It was really like a Hello Kitty World.
All signs of Hello Kitty were everywhere, in tissue, placemat, menu etc.
I ordered lemon pie and cappuccino. Hello Kitty again. The pastry was tasty.
Lemon Pie with cute Hello Kitty toppings
Overall, my sister and I enjoyed the Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining.  It is the best Hello Kitty restaurant we've been to so far.

After having sweets, we went to Shilin Night Market to discover some local food.  From Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining, we want back to Zhongxiao-Xinsheng Station and rode the MRT to Taipei Main Station. From Taipei Main Station, we transfer to Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi Line) going to Jiantan Station. It was just 5 stations away.
You will see this dome at Jiantan Station.

Food stalls were everywhere with long queues.  We were just able to taste the glazed strawberry and tomatoes.
Aside from the food stalls, we also saw several funfair along the way e.g shooting game. My sister tried this one.
Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining

  • Drop off at Zhongxia-Xinsheng station and Exit at Exit 1
  • Walk towards Xinsheng Elevated Road and turn right
  • Minimum order is 300 NTD per head
Shilin Night Market
  • Red Line Jiantan Station is your drop off point.
  • Have an empty stomach
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