Timberland Sports and Nature Club

Lap Pool
Timberland Sports and Nature Club is located in Timberland Heights, San Mateo. It is exclusive for the members but recently they opened it to the non-members for day tour thru Metrodeal

When I saw the deal in Metrodeal, I bought the vouchers for my family and called the club's reception for reservation.  I forwarded them the vouchers, and after how minutes the club confirmed our slots.  The amenities were free use of the pools, sauna, jacuzzi,gym, towel, locker, and lunch.

We took grab car to bring us to Timberland because there was no direct public transportation going there. Upon arrival,the guard greeted us and led us to reception area. The receptionist gave us our towels and assigned lockers. We had not taken our breakfast yet so we availed the eat-all-you-can breakfast for only Php360.

The place was not crowded,and we were able to enjoy all the amenities.

We could see the entire Metro Manila from the site.
Great view of Metro Manila from Timberland
Infinity pool and Metro Manila as background
Kiddie Pool with Slide.
The Timberland Sports and Nature Club also offers accommodation. You can book the room via booking.com.

Going back we joined the shuttle of the employees who went home by 4pm. We paid Php150 for the service.  We got off at SM San Mateo, and from there we took taxi to our home.

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  1. Kuya Adcel, the best way to go there is via bicycle. Hehe. You'll be immersed in a heart pounding uphill for about 5 and a half kilometers until you reach the gate. ������

    -jlsrfca mjcn '10

    1. Will do next time small. I was with my parents so I needed to find another means to get there😂

  2. Lovely place to chill with family or friends. I love the Jacuzzi. I wonder if it's expensive when it's not on deal?

  3. Ganda, the last time been there was 2012 at gabi pa yon. Kaya hindi naikot lahat ng area kasi nasa event lang kami.

  4. So you can have a Laminate which is the most-trendy nowadays, or you approach for Metal which is long-lasting and gives you a different look, or you can go for Wood, which is quite attractive and gives you the elegant feature. appealing reception area